Well I’ve already put some blurb in the profile section, how much would you like to know?

I’m sure I mentioned in my first blog post a little bit about how I got here.

The fact that this blog exists is down to some pressure from the directors at Blonde (and not in a bad way), but just a gentle nudge to express and publish thoughts in social spaces. I guess this nudge was probably aimed at me contributing to Blonde’s blog (http://blog.blonde.net), but I’m not sure all of my views are shared by the company, so blogging as myself – is my compromise.

“Agency Girl” comes from a little tongue-in-cheek banter from some tech meet-ups. Although there are women who are passionate about technology and media people who wish to mix with academia, I seem to be apparently pretty unique in my appetite to consume and socialise in tech circles. The interest is genuine, but some developers appear to be quite wary of marketing folk (“that evil marketing witch” attached with humour) …. seeing commerical thinkers as predatory. Perhaps this is fair (?) and to be honest at every tech session, I am always wondering what value the research adds to people outside of academia… what commercial opportunities exist. My end goal has always been to try and think of ways of making money out of projects for which people are passionate. After all why not earn money from something you enjoy?