Fillenumerique must rest in peace

I’m killing off my first online personal brand “fillenumerique”.

It’s French for “digital girl”.

Fillenumerique was originally conceived through Twitter. Technically I’m a digital immigrant and it took me several attempts at Twitter profiles, before finally adopting tweeting as a natural behaviour.  However, by the time I’d accepted that there were people worth following, some of whom even wanted to follow me back…. “@rachellane” was long gone. Somehow … something pretentious that nobody could pronounce seemed better than RachelLane98762. And so I became “fillenumerique” and prior to emigrating to Canada, I decided to aggregate my blogging feeds under

But now post-emigration, I’ve hit a kind of puberty and “digital woman” didn’t feel like an option. In fact, having discussed gender and tech to death recently through Girl Geek channels, I no longer want any specific female labels attached to my “brand”, though I am sure I will always write with a certain feminine spirit. Instead I have opted for the more opaque ““, which represents the kind of solutions I wish to strategise: expressions in/through technology that enrich us as human-beings. is more than an aggregation platform for blog content, it’s a work-in-progress of how I think as a digital strategist. In the absence of permission and under pressure to demonstrate value, it also feels like a fluid piece of art that is constantly being cut-up, rearranged and tweaked. It’s a thinking site and since I can’t always present polished solutions, I hope you might at least be entertained by the trains of thought.

So, goodbye (lights out January 2013) and hello