Branding: getting personal in public is complicated


18 months later, I’d also add the following feedback regarding my personal brand:

  • An alias (fillenumerique versus “Rachel Lane) gives me some space to talk about myself, without feeling too self-promotional. It’s a fun identity to play with. It’s also a French name that few can pronounce and a avatar that people are slow to associate with human/real-world me.
  • There’s a balance to maintain between being interesting and being accessible, hopefully you’ll achieve them both. In my efforts to explain what I do in a more engaging way, I may alienate people who feel my use of language is pretentious and prefer a plainer profile. It happens!
  • You’ll note the sitemap is more extensive than my actual website at and that’s because I simply haven’t had time to explore all the content paths I’d originally hoped to investigate. Redefining my résumé as an infographic has been particularly tricky.
  • Since moving to Canada, I’ve learnt a lot/appreciated the importance of defining the roles of various properties in a given ecosystem. With regards to a personal brand – this means understanding how to both express and differentiate yourself on each social platform. Considering your own ecosystem – it might also involve some thought on how you manage the complexity of communication around your personal brand. Many of us are burning out or simply never getting round to tackle our ever-growing mailboxes!