Twitter please sort Posterous out

It’s really annoying.

Though to be fair Posterous has always been a bit flakey.

Then again, so has Twitter.

I tried to leave this comment on this post:


“Logging into Posterous today –  this was the first post I saw and there’s nowt like an insult hanging in the air to get attention. 

Get the frustration around marketers over-amping stuff to such a degree that worthy developments get inflated with hot air. By the time we realise how far off the ground we are, it’s too late to worry who had the parachute.

Have been reading a book called “The Art of Game Design: a Book of Lenses” for a couple of months now, a few pages each night and it’s genuinely thought-provoking stuff. Wasn’t sure if it was fair to slate a term or movement. Surely it’s the crowd that’s irritating…? Whether its Gamification, SocialMedification, Pinterestifiation, Appification or Whateverthef*ckification – ideas can and do get recycled to death on the Internet, arguably creating something worse than bullshit…. cynicism, as well as saturating attention.

This article from the Guardian talks about what could be useful to teach kids, but actually thought this section….

“Kids need to know about: algorithms (the mathematical recipes that make up programs); cryptography (how confidential information is protected on the net); machine intelligence (how services such as YouTube, NetFlix, Google and Amazon predict your preferences); computational biology (how the genetic code works); search (how we find needles in a billion haystacks); recursion (a method where the solution to a problem depends on solutions to smaller instances of the same problem); and heuristics (experience-based techniques for problem-solving, learning, and discovery).”

…. would be a great start for many of us in the industry…?

Not-not arguing the hype around Gamification isn’t bullshit, just clarifying/questioning whether the real issue is with trending? Perhaps we need a Klout feature that subtracts points if you excessively hype a topic after a certain point, that would make people think twice from preaching the emperor’s new clothes….”

But kept getting this message:


Which made no sense since I was logged in from a Posterous account and posting to a Posterous blog.

Sort it out please. x