More calling of Awesome, come in Awesome…

Calling Orson…  Calling Awesome.

Yes it’s a poor introduction. Hell, you probably don’t even remember Mork and Mindy.

Four months ago (or so) I joined the Toronto Awesome Foundation chapter. We’ve funded some awesomely awesome projects including:

Flamin’ rainbows, Alex Leitch’s vision of a fire-breathing unicornocerous

Guilt-free chocolate. Erm, sort of. You know what they say, a moment on the lips, a lifetime in love with chocolate.

FISH TACO MAN! We know what you’re thinking… How can something so guerilla be so fish? How can something so underground be overground?

But we hunger for more. MORE!!! [Licking of lips and cackling]

1) We crave volume. We want more ideas. We need more ideas! Think of us as idea vampires constantly lusting after fresh awesomeness.


2) We need you to benchmark your awesome against our awesome, which is broadly defined here:

3) Pitch your idea first, that’s actually what we’re most interested in. 

4) Then tell us why you’re the person who will make it happen AND 

5) How you intend to spend the money.  Applications that say things like ” to buy a computer” or “pay a PR team” are likely to under-awesome. We need to know the money will make a significant difference to the life of your project, specifically could it start  [and complete] without Awesome funding?