2011 is simply too epic to document in full. Besides I’ve already captured most of the highs and lows and they sit on this blog-shelf… I imagine like dreams from Roald Dahl’s The BFG.


There’s also only so much looking back one should do, since that is all stuff we can’t change. As the 1st January arrives, we are, once again, given the chance to redefine our future and get closer to where we really want to be.

I awoke this morning, feeling a little “passive-aggressive-space-cadety”, as the distance between homes (and people) became tricky to reconcile. I don’t have many moments like this, but every now and then I’m nudged by envy of the life I left. I see friends back home discussing plans, I see photos of their nights out and I can’t help the weather change as clouds of confusion drift in. Even in the wonderful dinners and parties here, I have that “Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future” moment, where time freezes and I meander around the characters I’ve met, studying them with an alien curiosity.  

Christmas felt easier to lend to Canda and the time difference easier to manage, but New Year…. for a variety of reasons, was much more difficult. Still, this is introspection over melancholy and by writing in the shadow of a hangover, it would be easy to let my sentimetal mood distort perspective of an otherwise brilliant week (and a bit), so I’ve included my highlights of the “holidays” below (photo feed from Flickr).


For those of you curious about “whizzpopping”!