The edge of reason with Dr Seuss

“If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, 

You have to go places quite out of the way, 

You have to go places no others can get to. 

You have to get cold and you have too get wet, too.” 

 Dr. Seuss

For people who don’t blog, it must seem crazy to work through the night writing about matters which meander. Some posts are always better than others and as far as my own experience goes, the bad ones are often stepping stones to moments of enlightenment….acting as pillars to far superior structure. I remember once seeing an article on “the importance of writing 10/10 blog posts” and resenting the pressure, because if I really took that heart, I probably wouldn’t write at all.

This compulsive need to resolve personal creative strategies for 2012 is also making me very anti-social. In essence, the intensity of documenting months in minutes comes from not being able to write for so long. It’s as if I am coming up for air and crave time alone this week. The days are flying by and as a not-insignificant workload hovers at the edge of next week, I’m trying to get through as much reading, life admin and creative work as possible. I haven’t done anything artistic for so long and it shows. The last post is a dog’s dinner of direction (or a dog’s breakfast as you’d say over here), but it’s a start. Somewhere. Anywhere. With something. Anything. If I can develop better sketches and a stronger train of thought, then I can always delete the initial post in future, but without it, there’s nothing to build on. It’s like scaffolding…. necessary for creating structure, but a means to an end.

It’s easier for me, at the moment, to write rather than sketch. I can rehearse the words in my sleep, when I’m travelling, in the shower, but lines tumble from my fingertips and scatter on a page. They look at me expectantly… and I shuffle uncomfortably with the responsibility. Words seem quite happy to be rearranged, deleted, resurrected and brought back for encores; lines and marks on the other-hand appear to struggle with direction, perhaps because visual language is more open to interpretation.

I remember reading somewhere that we work best in bursts. I rarely work with a consistent pressure and as my networks grow and develop, I have to find a way of evolving and sustaining my own ecosystem, as wanky as that sounds.

Since a picture is supposed to say a thousand words, the image below is my attempt at “Rach: ecosystem 1.0.” 


“Ecosystem” is a term that I have adopted and extensively used in my new role to map the roles of, and relationships between, online properties for a company or brand. Facebook and Twitter may see themselves as competition to each other, but for the rest of us – we need them to sit harmoniously, whilst understanding how to differentiate the benefits.

In short…

“Everything stinks till it’s finished.” 

Dr. Seuss