Push it

I joined the gym last week, having finally decided it’s too warm to run and the local pool too crowded to swim.

And THEN I bought a bike, which is awesome and I love it.

And THEN I got a personal trainer. Felt such a sloaney thing to do, but we shall see if the sessions work out (… get it?). 

Having spent the last few weeks (OK months) feeling a little intimidated by the sea of tanned legs and hot pants in Toronto (and there is a lot of fruity booty over here), finally figured it was a little pathetic to keep whinging about it.

SO….in my Torontonian evolution, I am going to have to glam up a bit, as soon as the humidity stops messing with my hair…. AND make-up…. (though have now discovered waterproof eyeliner)…. AND I can wear more interesting clothes as I stop worrying about being too warm in everything… AND I can find a way to look smart, even after the cycle ride to work.

But being true to my UK self, I’m keeping the good food. I’m keeping in touch with everyone. I’m keeping up my geekness. I’m keeping the fine wine and beer. I’m keeping up blogging. I’m keeping [a] life.

It’s important (to me) to maintain this balance, because at some point keeping up appearances will stop being a challenge and become a chore (come on, keeping fit can be a wee bit addictive). If I get to the point where I check my reflection in the lift (/elevator) before I’ve said hello to people, then I know I’ve missed my stop.

Dad, if you’re reading, I get your argument that it’s important to be a nice person …. a good person… and hope I will retain such values. However, regardless of how I rationalise the argument, image matters. It does. I don’t like it much either and if you’re lucky enough to have carved out a life whether this pressure fails to touch you, yay (!) good for you!

In the search to look better, you have to be specific with a goal, or define some parameters, crystallise your values. Education can incite curiosity, culture can provoke passion, but the pursuit of physical perfection ultimately leads to disappointment; neither being a goal that we can share with others or an achievement we can maintain forever.

In the meantime….

(Because this has all got very serious.)

Here’s to pushin’ it … real good.