Cranking up the heat in Toronto

Went to see a very moving documentary on the New York fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, with my friend Vivien. It was a beautiful film and reminded me how much I miss my Grandpa. (He wasn’t a photographer, but he cycled everywhere, up until the age of 92.)

I owe a huge amount to the generosity of friends, both in terms of UK friends sending me food parcels (sweets & chocolate mostly – thank-you!), as well as Canadian and British friends introducing me to other Canadians here (particularly the efforts of Susan Forint, Cate Huston, Caroline McGregor, Sarah Nelson and my mum). 

Below are recent gifts from home….


Enjoyed a decadent weekend in Hamilton with friends of the family, being wined and dined, swimming in their pool, drinking Pimms, enjoying BBQs and free popcorn refills at the cinema.


Had the first visit of a UK friend and had a great evening catching up with him (by a strange and fortuitous coincidence, Neil’s parents are living here for a year or so). Good times.


I’ve started weekly volleyball games with work, every Tuesday… on the beach…. golden sand, blue sky… living the Canadian dream. (You can replay these comments to me in Winter.) Friends back home, you know where to come for sunshine….


Today I am pink and freckly from an all-day, all-agency volleyball tournament. I still don’t get the rules, I still can’t get the hang of the flippin’ glove (or catching with my left-hand), but genuinely met lots of brilliant people and had fantastic time.


And then there’s Caroline, my yes-buddy-in-crime, who has introduced me to a whole bunch of awesome folks, as well as persuading me (didn’t take much) to sign up to swing dance lessons, educate me on the Torontonian/Canadian music scene and has been the instigator of various adventures in Toronto. 


Finally, after months of exploring various networking events in Toronto, an introduction to Michael Nielsen via Cate Huston has led to the discovery of Quantified Self and Toronto Wearables (specifically, so I’m finally getting closer to the space that I really want to explore. I’m VERY excited.