Girl Geeks Creativity in Business workshop (belated post)

It’s way past my bedtime. Again. And blogging about this workshop is way overdue. Again. I should have written back in September how useful this workshop was: the structuring of creative thought and idea development, the sharing of ideas, prioritising issues and challenges (when starting a new business), reverse engineering (back-tracking from a vision), what-if-ing (what do I want over what I can I achieve), meeting new people (making real friends and genuine connections), logging our thoughts on paper (the workshop facilitators – Sara Shinton & Janet Wilkinson gave us awesome logbooks for the weekend) and accommodating different communication styles in a start-up (Myers-Briggs).

The learnings from this workshop have been invaluable, the only sad thing is applying this in what remains a male-dominated environment. We can’t work in a vacuum and ideally shouldn’t think in a vacuum. Sometimes we need the chaps to learn with us, but facilitate the training in such a way that women can progress unhindered by dominant male personalities. Girl Geek Scotland has been the most positive and influential network I’ve joined in the tech community. It gives me confidence and resilience, but without contradiction, I am not a feminist and do not wish to evolve in a female-only forum. I hope one day the positive presence of positive discrimination won’t actually be necessary, but we are a long way off yet. 😦

Anyway, I need to go to bed and you need to see the pictures. We had a lot of fun!

More pictures online at Flickr