Playing the geek (and being an interconnected human)

And I loved it.

Since I spend most of my time chilling with techpreneurds, it’s not often I get to out-geek people and yesterday I got to play a key role in a pitch as Lead Geek, or at least Lead “People First” Geek. I find out on Friday, if what I contributed in a joint presentation was enough to win The Awesome Project.

Some of my thinking around the pitch is captured in a Blonde blog post here:

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On a different Girl Geeky note, my friend Kate posted the following link on my Facebook Wall earlier in the week:

“I’m posting this link because I think you’ll have an opinion on it. But please don’t explode.”

And I did have an opinion on it; the thread looks something like this:

Me “I appreciate you sending me this and I value hearing all sides of an argument, but as predicted I don’t like it. At all!”

Kate “I didn’t like the article at all, and was close to writing a blog post about it. But thought I would forward it on as I know you’ll not like it!”

Me “Yes, it’s pretty bleak. I’d just like to move forward without a stopwatch. And whilst of course I’m aware that I’m not getting any younger, I also want to stuff these damn rules.

There are so many rules for women (and a few for guys too)

The rules of biological clocks.

The rules of language at work.

The rules of how to get promoted.

The rules of dating.

The rules of keeping a partner.

The rules of managing a family.

The rules of the work/life/family balance.

It’s exhausting.

Which reminds me…


And making and breaking my own rules. :)”

Mutual friend Tef “At least when people use horoscopes to predict the future, they have 12 stereotypes to pick from, rather than two.”

Which also reminds me of something I love about my Appleton Tower friends: they love debate. My parents hated conflict and debate was generally discouraged, so I never looked for it at school and though I found a little bit at art college, it vanished completely at Hertfordshire (the university where I got my degree). In general, there’s never enough time to debate tech at work and I really miss the opportunity to Q&A stuff that I get to do with the AT crowd. (Saying all of that, even acknowledging my personal idealism in these spaces, an agency mindset and commercial discipline do also mark me out at the university tech events.

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And on that marked-out note….

Last Saturday [night] I was invited to a 21st birthday party, which seemed to entertain a few friends (and colleagues). “You have 21 year old friends?” Yes, yes I do and I’m actually really proud of the fact that I have friends ten years younger and fifteen years older. Just the way it should be. The wisdom and philosophy that appears to come with age is balanced by the energy and optimism of youth and I certainly need reminded of these different qualities as I make my own way through life. Different ages have different perspectives, which are helpful when you’re not always clear on your own direction.

Anyway, my friend Ali designed the cake and I got to help decorate. Here’s a picture of the result…








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Thinking about things that change our perspectives, today (Tuesday) was a great day for links. Here are some of the ones that emerged today:


Android Mobile App Misbehavior

Your Apps Could Be Leaking Private Info



An Insightful Look at Social Networks

Tapping the Powers of Persuasion

Harnessing the Here and Now

Social Games that Sway Behavior

Mining Moods for Brand Intelligence

Method: 4 Things Video Games Teach Us About Motivating People

For a Company That Sells Productivity, A Space That Fosters It


Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility

The Behaviour Wizard


Via Phil:

and this one…

is still on my to-watch list.

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Anyway, it’s been a meandering blog post: from Monday to last Saturday, back to today (I hope you’re still with me). Sometimes I have to write like that. If I think too much about angle and structure, these thoughts never get anywhere near the blog. As stated many times before, I’m conscious that I have to keep this blog reasonably up-to-date, but with commitments almost every evening for the next month or so, it’s difficult to carve out the time, energy and space to think about meaningful contributions.

And when I start to think too seriously, I know it’s time for bed!