Social media and ego: fishing to compliment

It has been a distinctly anti-social media week. I received one recommendation that I should deliberately leave comments on other people’s blogs, because this would eventually raise the profile of my own social assets and another recommendation for a French entrepreneur who had written about the importance of reviews to raise your profile online. Since this was stuff I already did naturally, though on an infrequent basis, it made me uneasy that clinically modelling community spirit would be necessary to build a community….

When I first started going to local tech events, I received some friendly flack about the evil ways of marketing. The poor reputation of marketing as the science of manipulation isn’t anything new, but I had vehemently defended my own professional behaviours and territory. I am many things and I’ve made many mistakes, but manipulating people has never been one of them.

I have two meetings with app developers over the next week, which I’m really excited about. The offer to help tech start-ups comes from a genuine desire to help the entrepreneurial community (not to mention diversify and develop my own experience). As a student and graduate, I worked for two different start-up companies, which both initially struggled financially; I’m not an entrepreneur, but I have some start-up experience which could be of benefit to new ventures, in addition to the six years of digital marketing expertise. True I’m not Guy Kawasaki, but the world is already a richer place for having one of those, we should celebrate diversity by finding local heroes … at least those of us aspiring in that direction. There are millions of places to explore in the world, Silicon Valley is just one of them and since we talk about marketing local, how about thinking local when it comes to progressing business.

And yet, the idea of fishing to compliment ….. online … to strangers…. to raise my profile leaves me cold. It puts me off social media completely. Link-building was where I started agency life and I’m quite proud of the distance travelled since then. I definitely want to play this space by my rules….  though I will of course still consider yours.