How do you stay positive?

I don’t have the answer, but this is a subject that’s been haunting me recently, albeit not one that everyone wants to tackle.

I subscribe to a range of information feeds from Agents of Change such as Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, who frequently offer helpful suggestions on how to keep an open and enquiring mind. I guess they deserve some credit for the immense success they’ve achieved, but I still haven’t found anything massively useful on how you motivate people in a recession; how you evolve a culture when it needs to adapt to the external environment and how you become an agent of change when it’s not a business you control. How do you stop people giving up, when you’d like them to fight?

Below are a couple of interesting presentations I’ve found around positive thinking and psychology today which don’t have answers, but at least offer a gentle nudge in a positive direction:

and a nice article published on The Responsibility Project by sports psychologist Jim Loehr.