Hanging out with globetrotting directors and being on TV…

Yeah….. and I know that from this point onwards, you’ll only be disappointed with this post, but at least I got you past the headline.

Just finished epic client presentation proposing a digital marketing strategy. It has taken weeks of work, some weekend time, a few late nights and early mornings. We had an online survey of over 28,000 respondents and telephone interviews of 40 people. I’m knackered. However, since I’ve just finished, I’m taking the brief window of “and relax” time and using it for blogging.

So first stop recent events…

Some weeks back, possibly more than a month ago, I went to see a contemporary dance production called Cruel by Deborah Colker and her Companhia de Danca. There’s a review of it here and yeah, I couldn’t map all the direction either, but it was an awesome performance and I loved the Q&A session with Deborah Colker afterwards.

And then more recently, I’d arranged tickets to be part of the audience for “The Secret Fortune”, which I went along to with my friend Dave. Was an entertaining experience, but by heck the participating mother and daughter team took forever answering the questions. When the programme is eventually aired, you might be able to see me sitting on the third row…. huffing and puffing, looking incredibly bored and staring at my watch. Dave was a lot more patient.  I’m not allowed to talk about the outcome of the show, but it should be entertaining viewing and at least you’ll have the edited version of over two hours or recording time. Phew.