The dreams that haunt us…

OK so I did start off on project related research, but as hyperlink randomness would have it, sure enough curiosity has pulled me off track. (In case Phil’s reading, I’ll argue such finds contribute to the richness and diversity of planning…)

I discovered some wearable computing blogs, with an abundance of links to some very interesting links and images. Twelve years ago I was obsessed with wearable computing, until it became pretty apparent that I’d need a PhD and research specialism to work in this area and perhaps to be honest, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue a less conventional route without this qualification. Anyway, a decade later and still in cool and awesome digital territory, I come across wearables content every now and it literally sends shivers down my spine (I know, feaky huh?). Love this space.

So here are a few finds this morning…

The GalaxyDress designed by CuteCircuit

And something else slightly geeky and fashion related.

Kinetic Mechanical Skirt from Cooperjay Kim on Vimeo.

I wish I had a wardrobe like this….