Could we be heroes?

I like the sound of this forthcoming Groundswell book:


(Highly empowered and resourceful operatives)

Not as sexy as David Bowie with big hair, but bear with me whilst I explain.

A summary of the book can be found online here

The focus on “empowering people” is fundamental to a brand’s adventures in social media and yet companies (and indeed agencies) often overlook this aspect, both in terms of employees and end-customers.

Even working for an agency, which has executed many successful social media campaigns over the past three years…. I would say we have a relaxed [internal] approach to social networking, rather than an empowering one…

And I don’t think we’re unique… From previous experience in an agency environment (one former employer even hired a psychologist to improve internal communications), client requests and a glance around the social web, I’d be willing to suggest this is a challenge for lots of companies and organisations. We’re so busy dealing with the sheer volume of external information, we’ve forgotten than a little planning might produce an internal roadmap to get us further.


After all, there’s no fun in a hike up a mountain, when you’re alone at the top to appreciate the view.

Reminded me a little of Zen Dog…

Le chien de Zen

Le chien de Zen