PechaKucha, IdeaLab and the Barcelona debrief at the Mobile Apps Meet-Up

It’s become a standing joke that I attend anything and everything going on in Edinburgh (and even Glasgow on occasion). Hell, I’ve even likened myself to Marla Singer… I spend so much time hanging out with techies at the university. But this week I’ve been drifting towards a different point of view….

I went to PechaKucha last Saturday night and was pretty disappointed. With the notable exceptions of Claire Duffy and Jennifer Williams, I felt the speakers rushed through their presentations (specifically Gordon Duffy, Frazer Hay and John Mackenzie) and although the limited time-frame to present must have been a challenge, some of them appeared indifferent to speaking at the event… to us as an audience and were even quite disparaging about their own work. I didn’t know what to expect from the event and perhaps just felt that it had been pulled together at the last minute…?

I also don’t seem to be getting as much out of the university talks, which seem to be routinely focussed on academics (perhaps understandably – they are at the university after all), despite mumblings about seeking to reach a broader audience. I’ve also worked hard at helping a few start-up companies, nothing major… but it’s all work on top of what I do at Blonde and I’m not always convinced it’s appreciated… or even acknowledged and actually I’d like a bit more time to for proper play at the moment.  I don’t think any of this work makes me a dull person, but I’d like to imagine what life would be like if I wasn’t tired all the time.

Saying that I did enjoy the Barcelona debrief from Richard and Jess at the Mobile Apps Meet-Up, though I wonder if anybody was disappointed at the lack of technical content. I didn’t mind as commercial feedback is just as valuable for me and after-show/behind the scenes gossip is always entertaining.

Also on an art & technology theme… last Sunday, I went to see an “opera for cinema” Songs for an airless room…at the Cameo, composed and in-part performed by Martin Parker. Interesting, though-provoking and at points… slightly unsettling, definitely a worthwhile adventure. The Scotsman liked it too you know…

In truth, it’s now gone 2am and I’m trying to squeeze in blogging about activities that I kind of planned back to back anyway. I realise I’ve just dumped all this stuff in one post and now sound indifferent to it all myself. I wonder if I sound bored (not the case) and the detail is somewhat lacking, but with the implicit pressure to have a personal brand, to be seen online, this is actually my 110%.

Anyway, below are a few pics from the above activities…. I’m happy to edit this post if anybody comes across this piece and has something they feel I should add. As always, this is work in progress…