Why I like the Twilight books…

There I’ve said it.

In a public space.

On a personal, ever so slightly professional[ish] blog.*

When all the guys I know in this space [Digital: online marketing, web apps, mobile apps etc] are exchanging links about Twitter stats, Google ventures, iPhone apps and software versions. Here I am, lowering the collective girl geek IQ with ramblings about Twilight and vampire lust.

For that I am a little apologetic.

But just a little.

Still …. going back to vampire lust, it occurred to me tonight, whilst on a date (no vampire)… that what I liked about Twilight was the permission to feel like a girl.

No wait, I’m going somewhere with this.

I spend most of time apologising for being a girl… for various reasons:

I’m keen to attain the confidence necessary to evolve beyond “Girl”, this includes handing over passive-aggressive glares at occasional sexist remarks, in exchange for an effortless shrug of the shoulders when things don’t go my way.

I go to lots of technology talks, mostly dominated by guys, where I feel self-conscious as a female and spend my time generating self-effacing humour about the evils and shallowness of marketing. (Though I’m also actually proud to champion marketing.)

Once I’d passed my probationary period at Blonde, I was hit with a visit by the pension lady who although … vaguely optimistic about the time I had left to generate a retirement income (think I must have been 30)…. was obviously still reminding me that time was precious and that after a decade of decadence, it was time to get serious.

And don’t even get me start on the chat around biological clocks! My great grandmother gave birth, successfully, when she was 41… and my family have never, ever put any pressure on me to get up the duff… you know, now I’m in my thirties. None of this stops me becoming horrifically self-conscious when people ask my age, or getting cross with shop assistants when they assume that any near-by toddler might be by own. “No, it’s not with me!”

But this isn’t an anti-children, or feminist rant. It’s meant to be an expression of delight about indulging in some stuff other people left behind many years ago.

Like making crazy cakes for friends instead of children.

Like chattering away and giggling when we’ve come out of a music or comedy gig.

Like still laughing at Ali’s dad when he challenges us to find the mystery ingredient in a pie or stew, in order to win the holiday of a lifetime.

Like getting ready at each other’s houses and knocking back a glass of wine, with a good gossip in the process.

Like tonight: enjoying some flirting and maybe not getting concerned when another wave of lust knocks concentration out of the way.

And like Twilight….  because as a modern, young woman … as a girl:  I want respect, equality, challenge, adventure and success, but I also want the lust, butterflies, wobbly knees and randomness… before you remind me that I need to buy a house, transfer my pension, climb the career ladder and think about reproduction.

And some pictures of fun we had earlier…

  • You’ll notice from time to time that I mention Blonde. This is not the Blonde blog, which you can find here: http://blog.blonde.net. I mention Blonde because it’s an employer I care enormously about and 99% of the time I love my job as a Planner (the 1% accommodates those days of frustration when things don’t go my way). Since we spend most of our time at work (even without agency hours) and most of my work is spent thinking about people, now when i think about people, I often tie it back to work and hence the two become interlinked. But for the sake of legal stuff, these are quite clearly my views and not those of Blonde, the digital marketing agency.