One of the projects I’ve been involved with over the past few weeks has been recruiting fundraisers and my it’s hard work!  I think I suspected this at the outset and yet still I find myself frustrated. (How many times do I say that F word…?) Specifically…. groups that are <*SHOUTING!*> about their number of members, when that doesn’t seem to have any value in the offline world. So what if you have 400 members or 1,500 or 10,000?  How many of them actually do something? I just see so many group wall posts featuring announcements such as “we have 500 members!”, “now we have 501 members!” and “lets make it 502!”. This is worse than watching paint dry and I get fed up with wading through this crap when I have to find genuine, active … purposeful groups. The search facility on Facebook is awful and since Facebook doesn’t seem to filter out inactive groups, I spend a lot of time looking for influential communities and individuals. When will social media clean up its act and find a way of separating the wit from the chav.

This isn’t the same as censorship, but as cyberspace becomes progressively more crowded, there ought to be a more sophisticated method of filtering out experimental content. I’m guilty of also creating skeletal content… ghost Facebook profiles, abandoned bebo and myspace accounts and then there were the days of link strategy/ aka “external search engine optimisation”… Anyone seen a personalfinanosaurus recently? Still, I daresay I wouldn’t actually object if a cybercleaner wanted to hoover this activity up. You know, just ask me first.