The trouble with being nocturnal

Wow, what a 24 hours..

Arrived at work today, distinctly groggy from having stayed out too late last night, after seeing an 8:45pm showing of “A Prophet” and then going out soft-drinking (thirty-something rock and roll baby!). Got to bed at 2am and then cut it fine by setting my alarm clock for 8am and promptly scrambling into the office for 9:15am.

A hectic morning spent processing the substantial backlog of work from last week, was then followed by MoMo Edinburgh (a monthly lunch at swanky Italian restaurant, masquerading as a mobile technology/marketing/apps meet-up ). I possibly passively-aggressively demonstrated a little too much teenage angst over lunch, when the guy sitting next to me apologised for the third time that this bit of the conversation was going to be a “little bit geeky”. Sure no worries honey, I’ll tune back in when we return to discussing how super the pasta is. I have said right from the start at all “techie” events, I don’t intend to understand everything that gets discussed/presented… but I’m always happy to listen. I’ll absorb what I can and Google anything interesting. I have never asked for you to dumb it down.

(To be fair this chap probably wasn’t aware his comments could be interpreted as marginally patronising or sexist and all the other guys who run Mobile Monday have been welcoming and supportive. I’m probably being over-sensitive.)


At 3pm I met friends at Ethical TV to talk about creating a social media strategy for 2010. A most interesting conversation and I’ve got some work to do, but all good when you’re rewarded with a mountain of Divine chocolate.

At 5pm, met Katie in Starbucks for a quick catch-up and then we cycled across town to meet Simone in Mother India (tapas Indian restaurant), before meeting Ali at the Festival Theatre, where the four of us went to see Traces – a kind of urban musical-theatre-dance production. An absolutely superb performance: the dance…. the acrobatics…. the strength… the humour.  Fun… sexy… energetic and stylish. Just loved it and I wish that you could bottle personal energy, because I could really do with saving the buzz I get from this kind of music and dance and inhaling it at 7:30am in the morning, when I reluctantly drag myself out of bed.