Who are the ex-users of the internet?

I’m looking at a report, packed full of stats on how we all use the internet, but it breaks people into users, non-users and ex-users. I would be as bold to question engaging people classed as non-users considering the very broad base of people online (my Grandma uses the internet and the rest of my family are gradually are coming into social networking) – what’s the point of involving people, who are such a decreasing minority (that’s not the same as dismissing them though!) and when they make up half the audience on the survey … have a disproportionate impact on the results.

And another thing! Do any of you know “ex-users”? I know I work in this space, but haven’t heard of anyone going “yeah, I tried the internet, it wasn’t for me…” Even my dad who complains about all this anti-social behaviour generated by digital communication technologies, still uses the internet.