<This would have been a Facebook update, but it’s too darn long…>

So a talk by Mike Clouser tonight – as part of EEC (public policy and the supply of risk capital in Scotland). Got chatting to another English girl* this evening who had recently moved to Edinburgh and was embarking on setting up her own business – a “social enterprise”. She was encouraging her friend from the other side of the border to set up a photography exhibition in Edinburgh… saying “oh you MUST do it, they’ll love it and Edinburgh’s SO tiny… it really is”

And I thought, God I wonder if this is how I sound….

  • = I never usually feel the need to point out the fact I’m English and despite a certain attachment to Edinburgh, I am still, nonetheless, reminded from time to time that I am not Scottish. (And on extremely rare occasions that I am not welcome.) So in the context of this update, I can’t pretend I’m local, but I was still a bit irritated by her comments and felt very defensive about Edinburgh and Scotland.