Social perspective.

It shouldn’t have been so long since my last post and I’m sure I say that a lot.

And in taking so long, I’m maintaining my position as a mediocre online social networker. Don’t worry that’s not meant to be a put-down, but Facebook updates aside, I just lack the motivation (and also time) to ensure the whole world is clear  on what I’m up to.

It hurt a bit this week to hear about clients who were actively seeking the input of my manager (and head of planning) at work, on the basis of his Twitter profile. I guess this is only fair, he radiates charisma and intelligence through his Twitter network, where as I update every month or so, usually when someone else “follows” me (and I panic about disappointing more people) or I have something to say that actually fits in Twitter space. (My Facebook updates can be quite long.)

Facebook feels like sharing information and experiences with friends… admittedly I’m closer to some “friends” than others, but these are all people who I have a relationship with outside of Facebook. Twitter just feels a little superficial and if I have knowledge to share, I tend to think about who it’s really relevant for and then email/message them directly. Since I don’t spend a massive amount of time on the Web outside of work, I’m generally pretty far down the chain when it comes to new(!) sites and project sharing… so I rarely retweet about that stuff, because I assume everyone I know has already heard about it several times over.  Does this sound defeatist…?

I care what my Facebook community thinks about me, but not my Twitter network, especially since I’ve opened up my “Follower” count to allow anybody and everybody. It  also doesn’t help to hear people counting their number of followers, checking their retweets, monitoring the quality of their engaged audience. How did we get here? Is there really such emphasis placed on the number of people “following” me, mostly in the hope that I will follow them back. Because it has to be about the hope that I will follow them back and increase their numbers, because I’m not actually saying anything interesting worth following.

I go through phases where I really resent this pressure to be “sociable”. I have quite an active offline life; this week accommodating Tech Meet-Up, a chat with friends from Ethical TV, French Meet-Up, two Girl Geeks meet-ups and then a live music gig  with friends tonight. I micro-blog on Facebook about most of this stuff, but I don’t always get a chance to blog on Agency Girl about it (particularly as I’ve been between laptops recently).

Life is for living offline, not living online.

Oh God, I sound like my dad.

But I’m not completely dismissing Twitter…, it’s just that maybe I’m going to have to find a different way to contentise myself in this space.