The Edge

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m burning out. I want it all and yet don’t intend to give anything up.

Working with passion/enthusiasm, tech meet-up, Mobile Monday, mobile apps tech meet-up, EEC, French, belly dancing, gigs with Ali, gigs with Conrad and Stella, after talk/gig parties, conferences, festivals, social networking, meeting friends , stitch and bitch, girl geeks dinners, randomness with friends, cinema, time with flatmate, time with family, Edinburgh Interactive Festival, time to think about greater ambitions, letters to family, letters to friends, giving blood, jewellery design, blogging and simply trying to maintain relationships with the people involved in all these activities. (Not in any order of importance!)

I don’t always get away with it. I get tired, exhausted… Run late almost without exception and get snappy and tearful (fortunately less often than running late).

And yet it doesn’t matter how close I get to the edge, the energy I get from accommodating all of the above, far outweighs the energy I use in accommodating all of the above. I have been told by some friends that this behaviour has to stop … that I’m exhausting myself, but I am not, most definitely not, giving anything up. A twenty-something lifestyle with the thirty-something perspective.