Social profiles and keeping up appearances..

I’m a Facebook girl at heart

But am also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo (eek) and MySpace (though barely a whisper)

I am a member of various Ningworks

I have also registered multiple accounts on Delicious and have one account with Digg

I have a Gmail and Wave account

Sometimes we use Google Docs for project management, but usually it’s Basecamp, which now accommodates Open ID

I have an iPhone and a Nokia N95, but use the iPhone almost entirely for web [app] activity, finding my Nokia quicker for calls and texts

I use these spaces for work and play

I blog publically (kind of) and anonymously (occasionally)

I use Flock (social version of Firefox) at work to keep track of these social spaces

I store information via custom Flock tools, Delicious, my Favourites, Dropbox, Basecamp and various other “sharing’ applications.

There is no consistency in sharing information and knowledge with others in any of my personal or professional networks

I worry about information management on a daily basis, because without it we can’t build IP empires and Google will dominate the universe

It’s taken seven years of working in Online, to find my voice

People are still more important than any of the above technologies. They always come first and I default to offline activity in the evening. Blogging gets squeezed in where sleep should be.